I have had my small retail store for more than 18 years. I never thought I’d get rich by selling t-shirts, trinkets and souvenirs to tourists, but it has been a great way for me to be a very active member of a wonderful community. My little shop has made it through the ups and downs of the economy before, but trying to endure the yo-yo of Covid - shutting down, opening back up, shutting down and then only being able to open up a little - pushed me into a corner that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get out of. Kirk from SavePros was able to figure out a way to get almost all my vendors, my landlord and suppliers to each give me a little relief so that I can weather the storm. He was even able to help my employees in their personal finances so that they could stay in their apartments and be available to work for a little less too.

These are crazy times indeed, and I know that if SavePros wasn’t “on my team” there’s no way I could make it through. Thank you.

Susan D.
Newport Beach

I want to thank Inder from SavePros for saving my restaurant. I thought I had enough operational reserves to make it through on my own, but after watching all my inventory rot and spoil, I couldn’t pay my supplier’s credit, so when we finally opened back up, I had to use all that reserve money to restock my kitchen. Then, we got shut down again. I was done. Inder managed to work with my landlord, my suppliers and even my equipment lenders so that I could stay in business. He even worked out a deal on his fee so that I can pay over time. I thank you, my employees thank you and our patrons thank you. Your professionalism, ingenuity and tenacity are the biggest reasons we’re still here.

Manny G.
El Paso

I thought I ran a tight ship for my IT consulting business. I don’t have employees, I only use subcontractor workers when I need them. I keep a small office with just enough warehouse space for my equipment. When the my revenue dropped by 80% starting in April, I really didn’t think there was anything I could do. However, Jeff at SavePros talked my building into giving me a year of abated rent, and even got my car payment cut almost in half. I wish he could do something to get my clients back to work so that I can make money again – but at least now what I have in the bank will last me into the Spring, instead of being gone before school starts back up. I’ve already referred SavePros to most of my clients and friends.

Jesse B.

After my hair salon got shut down, I had no idea what to do. No idea how long it would last, no idea what to say to my employees, or to my clients. None of my options seemed very good. I got to the point I thought my only options were to either break the law and pay my bills or give up hope and wait to be evicted. Then I spoke with Shellie at SavePros. Shellie has owned and run small businesses of her own, and she totally understands how intertwined the business and personal “balance sheets” are. She worked with the landlord for my salon, was able to get them to give me a few months off the rent entirely, as well as cut the rent in half for the following year, shaved about 35% off my supply bills, but she was also willing to do the same with my personal situation. Thanks to Shellie, my salon is both compliant and can pay my bills and I have been able to keep renting the same house so my kids can stay in the school they love. I really think that people like Shellie and companies like SavePros are the only things that are going to get us through this mess.

Anna O.

If it wasn’t for SavePros, my gym would have folded months ago. I had tried talking with my landlord, but I just couldn’t get anywhere with her, which was strange because we’d always had a good relationship. Doug was able to get her to not only work with us, but he restructured the whole agreement we had and now she and I are both happier than before this damn pandemic. We have the flexibility to withstand more closings if they happen, and all my employees know they will continue to have a home here. Thanks Doug!

Rick S.